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This beautiful boy is for adoption! Please see more information about Teddy on his page under Horses for Adoption.

Your tax deductible donation is needed to:

  • Support horses who are abused, neglected, or abandoned
  • Save horses at risk of going to slaughter
  • Pay veterinarian and farrier care for starved and neglected horses
  • Purchase special feeds and medicines for senior or ill horses
  • Provide for training or retraining to guarantee a more favorable adoption

Mail your donation check to:                                                     

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue                                      Ruby Ranch Horse rescue is a federal 501(c)(3)
501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization                         charity and is registered as a non-profit in the
P.O. Box 88189                                                          State of Colorado. Our EIN is 35-2242211.
Colorado Springs, CO 80908-8189                


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Thank you once again from all of us at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue for this generous gift in memory of Donna Davis. We are honored to carry forward her spirit of animal welfare as we move into a new year, working in conjunction with other rescues and sanctuaries to help as many equines as we can.


Camille, a friend of RRHR, has owned Aspen for about 9 years. Here is what Camille says about her: She is a 24yr old bay Arab mare, 14.3HH, always kept UTD on shots, worming, teeth, etc. She's great for loading, farrier. She is sound, teeth look great as of Oct when she had them done, is barefoot, no special diet needs. She is on just grass, senior feed and actiflex senior supplement. Camille will be moving in this next year and would really like to find Aspen a good home. She is trained under saddle for a more experienced rider; she can be a bit sensitive. She hasn't gotten the memo she's 24! Camille is asking an adoption fee of $250 and will keep her at home until the perfect match is found. She would come with all her blankets, halters, etc. Located in Falcon. For more information Camille can be reached at 719-314-8890 or



Sweet Success!!

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is positively ecstatic to announce the return of Cookie and Misty to Ruby Ranch! These two mini mares from the North Dakota 14 are back in our care! It’s been almost two years since Cookie and Misty were found to be severely underweight at the home of the adopter. Months after voluntarily returning the minis to Ruby Ranch, even after acknowledging their poor condition, the adopter reported to the authorities that Ruby Ranch had “stolen” them, which unfortunately forced a transfer of the minis back to their adoptive home in February 2015 and brought the issue to the civil courtroom.

Unfazed by the onslaught of falsities and baseless accusations broadcast publicly from the adopter, Ruby Ranch kept one thing as our singular focus: Cookie and Misty’s well-being. Throughout the negotiations, the adopter refused to sign several versions of a settlement proposal that would have allowed the minis to remain in the adopter’s possession while providing a standard of care to the minis that Ruby Ranch felt was required for their protection. In the end, the adopter relinquished Cookie and Misty (now, ironically, severely overweight) back to Ruby Ranch on Wednesday October 12, 2016 in return for money, and our promise that she would never have to see them again—an assurance we were happy to provide.

We are so delighted to be able to share with all of you who have supported Ruby Ranch that Cookie and Misty are back in our care. They are being evaluated for veterinary and behavioral issues at an undisclosed location. Once they are AGAIN restored to a healthy weight and determined to be in good overall health, they will be adopted to a forever home.

Ruby Ranch wishes to specifically thank our attorney, Juliet Piccone (Colorado Animal Attorneys/The Piccone Law Firm, LLC) for her work in settling this case. Her passion, commitment, creative thinking and expertise brought this happy settlement in a very short time-frame. She came late to the process after we were forced to fire our first attorney, but without hesitation she assembled the pieces of a case that we thought was irreparable and proffered a settlement with better terms than we had dared hope for. Juliet, we tip our riding helmets to you with gratitude and admiration.

Thank you so much to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue friends and supporters who assisted us in this litigation with donations, prayers, well-wishes, and eyes-on commentary. And a salute to those RRHR friends who we know wish to remain anonymous because of the contentious nature of this case - we honor you. All of us at RRHR are so happy to share this good news! Now we are looking forward to spending less time and money in the courtroom and much more time in the barn where RRHR continues our mission to help horses in need. Sometimes the horses really do win… even if it takes a while!

Update on Cookie and Misty
We have an update in the case of Cookie and Misty (Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue v. Dawn Barden). The tentative settlement contemplated a year ago was never finalized (the parties could not agree to terms and communication became non-existent) and the case is moving forward. Dawn Barden has started a fundraiser with statements RRHR believes are misleading and defamatory. Below is a press release regarding the matter to set the record straight. We have recently hired Juliet Piccone of Colorado Animal Attorneys who will be prosecuting our case now. Anyone interested in donating to help with expenses incurred in this case can click on to make a tax-deductible donation.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 18, 2016 BLACK FOREST, CO: Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is a Colorado non-profit corporation founded for the purpose of rescuing abused, neglected and unwanted horses and finding suitable adoptive families for the horses. RRHR has the following response to adopter Dawn Barden's recent public statements about Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue, Inc. v. Dawn Barden, El Paso County Court Case No. 2015C35005.

In 2013 Dawn Barden requested to adopt two mini mares from RRHR. In consideration for her promises to provide a certain standard of their care for the rest of their lives, and the right of return to RRHR upon breach of any condition, RRHR adopted Misty and Cookie to Dawn Barden pursuant to the terms and conditions of a signed contract. Ownership was not transferred at that time and remained with RRHR. After roughly eight months, a visit was made by a board member of Ruby Ranch to check on the conditions of the mini horses, and, finding them to be in acceptable condition and circumstances, consented to Dawn Barden having a Brand Inspection of the horses. The board member signed the inspection card, but ownership was not transferred from RRHR pursuant to state law.

On 11/9/2014 a trainer who sometimes worked as an independent contractor of Ruby Ranch had the occasion to examine Cookie and Misty, found them to be underweight, and contacted Ruby Ranch to share her concerns. Ruby Ranch immediately contacted Dawn Barden to discuss Cookie and Misty. Dawn Barden followed up with a lengthy email that concluded with the sentences “We would really like to learn through this process and be able to keep them here with us, but I understand that if you feel they need to go to your place for better care you will take them. See you at 2 p.m.” The following day representatives of Ruby Ranch arrived at the Barden Residence to pick up Cookie and Misty. They were loaded into the Ruby Ranch trailer with the assistance of Dawn Barden and returned to the Ruby Ranch facility.

Ruby Ranch assessed the animals’ weight using a weight tape and determined that the horses were 25% and 30% under the ideal weight specified by its veterinarian for each horse. Cookie and Misty were immediately put on a re-feeding program and regained a healthy weight within 2-3 months. During these months Ruby Ranch received one phone call roughly two days after their return to RRHR from a member of the Barden family inquiring about the minis. There was no other indication from the Barden family to Ruby Ranch that they had any further interest in or concern for Cookie and Misty’s well-being or future arrangements.

On 12/1/14, the Ruby Ranch Board of Directors wrote to Ms. Barden and requested that she supply Ruby Ranch with copies of all records relating to Cookie and Misty as well as the Brand Inspections. Barden did not respond. On 2/5/15, Barden contacted the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and reported that Ruby Ranch had “stolen” the mini horses and filed a theft report. After some discussion with various interested parties, the Sheriff’s Office stated that the issue was a civil matter. Upon advice of counsel, RRHR returned the mini horses to Barden under protest. The deputies advised that any further dispute in the matter should be taken to civil court. Although RRHR was disappointed that they would have to go to such great lengths both financially and logistically to enforce a contract freely signed by Barden, the subject lawsuit was subsequently filed. Since picking up Cookie and Misty on November 10, 2014, no member of RRHR has contacted any member of the Barden family or approached her property, or encouraged anyone else to do so, and has endeavored to avoid any engagement with the many provocative statements made by Barden on social media. The aim of RRHR has never been to defame or humiliate Ms. Barden or her family, only to ensure a healthy future for Cookie and Misty.

In August of 2015, a portion of the trial proceeded and then the two parties were ordered into conference, where a rough outline of a settlement agreement was negotiated. The two parties we ordered to sort out the language and details of the agreement within 30 days. The agreement process dragged out and the parties were unable to come to terms and the case was in limbo. 

In June of 2016, Ruby Ranch hired new counsel, Juliet Piccone of Colorado Animal Attorneys, and began considering options for resolution of the case in a way that would be satisfactory to the mission of Ruby Ranch; that is to ensure that any horse it takes in has minimum standard of care as to ensure the horse has a quality of life free from hunger, neglect or mistreatment. Both Barden's attorney and RRHR's former attorney were allowed to withdraw from the case. On August 17th the two parties appeared before Judge Sletta in El Paso County Court for a status conference and were ordered, again, into mediation, which has yet to be scheduled. In the event an agreement cannot be reached, the case will proceed. Ruby Ranch continues to be concerned for the long-term well-being of these horses and is committed to doing whatever it can to ensure their quality of life.

A Happy Ending...
Big Ben, rescued by Colorado Horse Rescue Network, sponsored by RRHR and Marcy Wadlington, adopted, and loved by a boy. 

Navaho Horses for Adoption
Big BenRuby Ranch Horse Rescue and the Horse Protection League helped Colorado Horse Rescue Network give futures to 20 young reservation horses who's dams were shipped to slaughter. Below are coming two-year-old Navajo ponies, all colts. They are wormed, fully vaccinated, trimmed, gelded, halter broke and gentled. They are available for foster or adoption through CHRN! Mature heights should be in the low 14s. They are colorful and should make lovely trail mounts. Located at Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, (303) 751-5772. A favorite is Bill, the bay pictured last. He is a quiet, gentle youngster.

News at RRHR!
RRHR said farewell to our founders, Pat and Roger, who reluctantly moved toward semi-retirement. As we continue to down-size, RRHR's focus is on providing resources to other rescues/sanctuaries, as well as members of the community, rather than housing horses at one facility.
RRHR has accomplished great deeds this past year. Among the RRHR adoptions, companion-only horses found permanent homes and horses from owners who could no longer care for them received safe haven. Some who were in jeopardy of the slaughter truck were saved at auction, others simply needed a new home. Thirty-two horses were gelded through the RRHR low-cost gelding program and euthanasia was provided when the situation demanded. Look for more of these programs in the coming year as we continue to disperse your generous donations.

Friendly mule for adoption
Oprah (ADOPTED!) is a 23YO pack mule who is being retired by Rocky Mt. National Park Service. Oprah is a very gentle mule; well-mannered and friendly. She is in good physical shape but has some arthritis in her shoulders and should no longer be used with heavy loads, especially in the mountains . She would be great around other stock. Oprah trailer loads, stands for the farrier and is up-to-date with vaccinations. She eats grass/alfalfa mix and needs no supplementation. Oprah is free to a good home under an adoption contract through the Colorado Horse Rescue Network. Contact Kevin Soviak at (970) 586-1248,, or Colorado Horse Rescue Network,, for more information.

Who wants some Sugar for Christmas?

Sugar, 6 month old filly, is available for adoption. Sugar was born to Colorado Horse Rescue Network rescue "Cinnamon." Cinnamon and her other daughter Willow are both small statured, so Sugar will probably be smaller maybe around 13 hh tall. These are "reservation" ponies and are well built and hardy. Sugar has had plenty of regular handling (tieing sessions, bathing, farrier work) She is located in Firestone, CO and her adoption fee is $300. Sugar's glamour shot features during gum weed season, hence her dark face. Contact Whitney through Colorado Horse Rescue Network at for more information.

Three Gorgeous Arabians!

See the Other Horses Available page for more information on these three.

All three ADOPTED!

New Addition: Meet Keira!

Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique
Big news at Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique! They are expanding into the vacant space next door. Remodeling is on-going and they should be completely moved in by the Wednesday after Labor Day. That space will include an expanded sales floor for furniture, lamps, framed art, and books. Check them out on Facebook, and visit the boutique at 3314 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918,(719) 466-9797. They fund a number of animal welfare groups in the greater Colorado Springs area. And all of us at RRHR appreciatethem for their support!
The crew at RHUB

Abuse or Neglect: It's still animal cruelty.
Animal cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or the failure to take care of an animal. Either way, and whether the animal is a pet, a farm animal, or wildlife, the victim can suffer terribly. Read on at this link: 

A Happy Rescue Story!
Russ Breakstone Crees is a happy adopter! Jackson is a 20YO Arabian, former competitive trail horse extraordinaire. RRHR put the two together and it was love at first sight. We like happy adopter stories!!
 Russ and her mighty steed, Jackson.

Charlie's Recovery!

Here's to you, Marcy Wadlington, and your generous donation to help Charlie, in memory of Mack. Just look at him now! That's a nine year old girl on his back!


Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue (“RRHR”) and Dawn Barden (“Barden”) both recognize that statements have been made which included inaccuracies regarding the care of Misty and Cookie.
RRHR does not believe that Barden abused or intentionally neglected the mini horses, Misty and Cookie. Both parties retract and apologize for the mutual inaccuracies that may have been reported. RRHR regrets that Barden’s children were negatively impacted and apologize for their unintentional involvement in this dispute. RRHR and Barden are satisfied that Misty and Cookie’s health and welfare will thrive and look forward to Cookie and Misty’s success with Ms. Barden.

This lovely draft cross gelding is 8 years old and about 16H. Cosmos was rescued by RRHR as a weanling and later adopted by Lucy. Cosmos is now for sale to an approved home. He goes well as a smooth-gaited trail horse for a more experienced rider and has had some drive training in the past with Bob Olson. He has a cool personality and is easy to get along with. Contact Lucy at 970-901-1816 or Cosmos is located in Gunnison and is offered for $1800. (ADOPTED!)


Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary

RRHR continues to support the horse sanctuaries that give our companion-only horses a forever home. Once again, an RRHR non-rideable horse has found her way to safe haven at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary in Yoder, Colorado ( Kiowa came to RRHR over eight years ago as a severely abused 8YO Arab/Appy cross. RRHR's foster home could no longer keep her, but Kiowa had a promise from several years ago of a permanent home once her foster options ran out. Thank you Jim and Lori at Spirit Keeper for honoring your promise and providing the soft landing for Kiowa.

The Lacey Foundation
RRHR has been fortunate in finding excellent homes for companion-only horses. Two of Ruby Ranch's citizens, Captain and Miko, are now in safe haven and heaven at the Lacey Foundation in Larkspur. Captain was rescued through the Colorado Horse Rescue Network at the Calhan Auction last January. He has gained over 200 lbs here at Ruby Ranch, but is an older boy whose teeth are expiring and his body won't tolerate riding - a retirement home is right up his alley. Miko came to Ruby Ranch about five years ago, through the El Paso Sheriff's office. He has been waiting for a home but the old injury to a hoof precludes him from much riding at all. THANK YOU Michele Todd for making this possible.

Captain                                                                                         Miko

THANK YOU St. Paws Thrift Store!

Do you know about St. Paws Thrift Store (3275 E. Platte, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, 719-597-3647)? A purchase from St. Paws is one you can feel good about. You are choosing to support organizations who are protecting abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in the greater Colorado Springs area. Or donate your gently used items - either way it's a win! THANK YOU once again to St. Paws for helping Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue with our feed bill.

In Memory of Mack, Charlie is saved!
In collaboration with Colorado Horse Rescue Network, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is helping Charlie. Thank you Whitney Applegate for saving him! Charlie is a 20YO gelding whose owner could not afford his board or other expenses. No veterinary care since 2013. He is thin and has lots of fungus and hair loss that begs attention. Teeth will be floated and a refeeding program started. We are told he is nicely trained under saddle and he is very sound. Thank you Marcy Wadlington for paying it forward.

Loved by Marcy...
In memory of Mack. Rescued by Ruby Ranch, loved by Marcy Wadlington until his dying day. Cambridge Amacker, registered Morgan, one helluva survivor: March 5, 1987 - June 22, 2015. We should all wish to be in Marcy's care til our dying day.

Portia and Polly arrive safely!
Portia and Polly arrived in Georgia at Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary and they are happy as clams. Melanie from Proud Spirit posted this note from Portia:

"A tale of two horses arriving at Proud Spirit... this is the first ten minutes of their new life here. (Literally... the first ten minutes). Narrated by Portia. We got off the trailer. Then we got a drink. Then we smelled the ground. Then Polly looked left and I looked right. Then we went to meet the herd. Ho-Hum. Then we ate some grass. Now we're gonna have a nice life. See ya!

Welcome to a New Life!
Vinnie is a 14YO, 16.2ish TB gelding recently added to the RRHR rescue umbrella via friends who saw a need and acted on it. In collaboration, Anna Blake Training of Infinity Farm, the aforementioned friends, and RRHR have offered protection, vet evaluation, and a full tummy for this sweetest of boys who has a pelvis malady and should never be jumped again. We are happy to provide an easier life for Vinnie; happy to view a horse not just through the eyes of "usefulness" but as one who deserves comfort, care, and well-being.

Tragedy in Casper, Wyoming

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is supporting the effort by another rescue, Colorado Horse Rescue Network (CHRN), to bring 13 horses to safe haven. The pictures are graphic and will not be posted here, but include skinny horses, slipper hooves, dead foals, etc. Three mature studs are loose with the herd of 10 mares. All are awaiting paperwork to get them moved from Wyoming to Colorado. Foster homes are needed, donations toward vet and farrier care and for hay and feed would be appreciated. Any donations received here at RRHR will be forwarded to CHRN for these horses. See their Facebook page for updates. And "like" them while you are there.

Portia and Polly's Great Adventure
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue, working in collaboration with the nationally renowned Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, is pleased to announce the transfer of two RRHR companion horses to the Lincolnton, GA, sanctuary. The two mares, Portia and Polly, were rescued by RRHR over five years ago and are companion-only horses—healthy horses but not able to be ridden.

Portia and Polly are exceptionally lucky to have the opportunity to join the natural lifestyle offered there, running with the herd on the beautiful 180-acre ranch—just being horses. Proud Spirit acts as a rescue, as well as pasturing sanctuary horses, and most rescues are often full. RRHR is fortunate that Proud Spirit had two spaces available to accommodate Portia and Polly. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is supporting the effort by another rescue, Colorado Horse Rescue Network (CHRN), to bring 13 horses to safe haven. The pictures are graphic and will not be posted here, but include skinny horses, slipper hooves, dead foals, etc. Three mature studs are loose with the herd of 10 mares. All are awaiting paperwork to get them moved from Wyoming to Colorado. Foster homes are needed, donations toward vet and farrier care and for hay and feed would be appreciated. Any donations received here at RRHR will be forwarded to CHRN for these horses. See their facebook page for updates. And "like" them while you are there.

This cooperative action between Proud Spirit and RRHR not only provides better fit for Portia and Polly, but it also eases the resource spending and immediate space available, giving RRHR the freedom to assist other horses in need in Colorado.

Both organizations are 501(c)(3) approved through the IRS and are non-profit charities in their respective states. Operating expenses are dependent on the generosity of donations from the general public. These donations help feed and provide veterinary and hoof care for starved and neglected horses. To donate to the Portia and Polly fund for their expenses and transportation, or to contribute in a more general manner, contact Proud Spirit at or Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue at Both organizations appreciate any and all consideration.

Polly                                                                                                                 Portia

Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary - the herd

Klassi, available soon for adoption
This beautiful mare came to RRHR because of the untimely death of her owner. Klassi is 15 years old, almost 15.2H, nicely trained, healthy and sound. See more information on her page under Horses for Adoption.

Take a look at me now!
Captain, thriving. Three months of mush feedings and he has blossomed into a beautiful healthy older horse. TWH no doubt!

Before                                                                                       After

Good Night Sweet Taz
This little mini's life journey is over. His heart stopped while under anesthesia to correct the tendon contracture that caused him so much discomfort. It is rare, but it does happen. As our friend Anna says, "These little ones do take up heart space don't they?" Yep, they sure do. Rest in peace little one.

Taz the mini to have surgery!
Our little Taz will have his deep flexor tendon contracture of his hind end relieved by surgery. Dr. Barbara Page of the Colorado Equine Clinic in Littleton tells us that Taz is a perfect candidate to have this surgery, the prognosis is very good. The surgery will take place on Tuesday, March 24. Updates to follow!

Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technicians!
RRHR has been the recipient of volunteer hours from the academy's students on several occasions and most recently from Jessica Christy under the guidance of Dr. Dave Robinson, who did a physical exam, fecal count, and blood panel on our recent addition, Captain. See the Volunteer page on this website for more pictures of these most generous and talented women.

The Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust!
All of us at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue express our gratitude for the generous charitable gift from The Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust. This gift, earmarked for hay purchase and our training program, is so very welcomed and appreciated. We once again thank you for validating our mission and supporting our cause.

Sweet, sweet horse...
Welcome Captain!
In collaboration with the Colorado Horse Rescue Network, RRHR thanks Angela Lopez and Jessica Konecny for procuring this skinny horse at the Calhan Auction, Jan. 31. RRHR picked him up and brought him home - what a sweetie he is! He dove right into a bucket of mush, then posed for a couple of pictures.

Captain - after a full tummy.

St. Paws Thrift Store comes through for animal welfare - AGAIN!
Twelve animal welfare groups were thrilled to meet at St. Paws' store in Colorado Springs to accept BIG donation checks from this generous organization. St. Paws Thrift Store exists to support local rescues and shelters, and Ruby Ranch is one of them! THANK YOU St. Paws!

The Sally Beck Foundation
For the second time, RRHR was honored to receive a generous grant from the Sally Beck Foundation. This grant funding is for the sole purpose of direct support to horses in need. It is spent on food, farrier care, and veterinary costs. THANK YOU Sally Beck for once again validating our mission.

Some good news for horses...
The Rachel Fleishaker sentencing trial was held January 23, 2015. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 60 months of probation, court costs, among other stipulations.

Creosote and Lily Marlene...

Two older donkeys need a new home. 
Creosote                                                                                    Lily Marlene

Some nice things said about RRHR...
Thank you Judi Tobias, the Ranchland News, and Horse Advocates of Colorado for the positive information about Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. See this lovely article here:

Dover Saddlery THANK YOU!
A big THANK YOU to Dover Saddlery in Parker and their generous patrons for participating in the Giving Tree program. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received dewormers, probiotics, bute-less products, horse cookies, a mucking rake, as well as gift certificates to help us purchase items we need. As always, we feel supported by our community. THANK YOU!

When neglect happens twice...

On January 1st, 2015, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue was the subject of an article in the Black Forest News. While we understand that the numerous and glaring inaccuracies and emotional catch-phrases in this article may have raised many concerns, the RRHR Board of Directors stands firmly and unanimously behind our decision to reclaim the two miniature horses involved. The RRHR adoption contract, signed by the adopter, specifically states, “If at any time this animal is found to be in unsatisfactory condition or not properly cared for, RRHR…may reclaim it immediately.”  And though we regret any distress it may have caused this family, we have no question that our decision was made in the best interests of these two mini horses. As always that is our singular concern. We take very seriously the faith and trust that our supporters and donors put in us to protect horses, and more specifically, protect those that have been rescued and rehabilitated at Ruby Ranch. 

At this time we would like to reserve any further comment until this has been fully resolved. We appreciate your trust and support and assure you that more information from Ruby Ranch will be forthcoming as soon as it is appropriate.

The Lillis Foundation
This private foundation's mission is to impact individual lives by assisting youth and adults in reaching their full potential through education, and by supporting efforts to enhance the quality of life for children and elderly.  However, the Lillis Foundation also has a trustee's discretionary grant allocation fund and awarded Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue $1000 to help us with our mission. It's like a Merry Christmas present from The Lillis Foundation! Thank you Gwendolyn Lillis and The Lillis Foundation for your good work and for acknowledging ours.

Zeta Associates
Chuck and Valerie donated a tidy sum to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue this December. Chuck's company, Zeta Associates (Innovative Engineering Solutions) runs a holiday contribution drive each year in which employees name a charity of their choice and Zeta matches the contribution. All we can say is WOW!! Thank you Chuck and Valerie, and thank you Zeta!

Izzy comes to RRHR!
This sweet boy is just 18 months old. His previous owner started under-saddle work with him - way premature if you ask us! Way too early if you ask most anyone who knows and trains horses with the horse in mind. He will get about 2-1/2 years of ground training,
handling, and socializing in a herd before we put someone up there again. Did you know that a horse's spine is not fully developed until between the ages of 5-1/2 and 6-1/2 years old? Check out this website for more information on that:

Horse Advocates of Colorado
HONOR. PROTECT. ENFORCE. Horse Advocates of Colorado is a watch dog group promoting an effective process of identifying and helping abused and neglected horses. "Like" this group on facebook and visit them at for their full mission statement and goals, and information about how you can help. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is proud to be a part of this group. Are you one of us?

Good Job
Members of the Southern Colorado National Academy of Veterinary Technicians volunteered their time and effort at Ruby Ranch, helping with the never ending mucking and cleaning chores. The horses received a treat with all of the loving, handling, and grooming. We appreciate their work ethic and we are thankful that they chose RRHR for their volunteer hours. See more pictures on the volunteer page.

Welcome Chico and Taza
These two mini geldings are 15 and 16 years old and have been together for 12 years. Taza is suffering from contracted tendons in the hind legs and will be evaluated for correction. Chico, at only 29 inches tall, is thin, probably due to worm overload. They will get patched up here at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue and then be available as a pair to a home that will treat them as companions. They are both well mannered and just may do well with children.

Chico                                                                                           Taza

Beryl, Daisy Mae, and Liberty have a new home!

Beryl and her 8 year old human, sharing hugs.

Thank You St. Paws Thrift Store
Have we properly thanked St. Paws Thrift Store for their generous donation to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue? I think not!  Casanova, Star, Jack, and Polly as well as all the others have benefited from the generosity of the St. Paws group. We say, THANK YOU very much!

Casanova                                               Star and Jack                                   Polly

Cruelty Case Update - 30 Starved Arabians

We spent the day in court (October 15, 2014). GUILTY! on the first charge of failure to provide water. Sentencing will occur on January 23, 2015. The horses remain with their owner. The second charge of animal cruelty was continued until December 15. We will be there as well. The wheels of justice grind on slowly.

Liberty (aka Bertie) during his recent float...

He figured if everyone else could sit, so could he! Thank you Dr. Sandi Grover and Brian Grover for taking such good care of him.
Black Forest Horse Abuse Case -
Here is information about the court hearing on the Black Forest horse abuse case:
The hearing was to question the validity of the seizure and the bond amount. Randy Parker DVM gave testimony. He stated that femur bones of the 14 deceased were tested. The average age of the dead horses was 5-10 years old. The youngest was 3. Only 3 horses were 15 or older. No firm cause of death yet to our knowledge. The judge agreed there was probable cause and the seizure stood. The bond deposit had been paid, and other vet costs were ordered to be paid. Judge Sletta ordered she pay $5,205 for vet care float, vaccination, farrier, worming; $12.00 per horse per day or $3600 per month. The Llamas $600 for vet care, and $15 per llama per day or $1800 per month until advisement in December. Next payment is due 10/23. The horses and llamas remain in the care of the humane organization.

Meet Liberty and Daisy Mae.
They have pages on the Horses for Adoption section of this website.

Liberty                                                                                   Daisy Mae

It takes a village - I mean a nation!
The Black Forest horse starvation case has been the recent news. The El Paso Sheriff's Office dropped the ball on ten skinny horses standing in a manure filled barn among 12 dead ones. There are a lot of links to this case on the internet and TV which created a massive public outcry to get the horses moved from the property and in the care of a knowledgeable rescue to rehabilitate them. The public outcry not only spanned the nation, but went international. When thousands of people demand justice for starving horses, the authorities have no option but to comply. Now if we can just get them to respond in a more appropriate manner to begin with...

Air Force Academy Cadets - Squadron 24 - The Phantoms!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is pleased to acknowledge the hard work and exuberance of 14 Air Force Academy cadets from Squadron 24 - the Phantoms. These young men and women split into several work crews: the resurfacing crew worked hard to shovel and tamp roadbase in our stalls and runs; the creekbed crew move downed branches to make it safer for the horses, the mucking crew - well they mucked and did a fine job of it. Several of the cadets picked up the never ending supply of trash that blows in with our winds, and several even wanted to groom some horses. RRHR volunteers Jessica and Jim served as "task managers" and we thank them as well for their assistance. We are ever grateful to these cadets and volunteers and the hard work they do for us! (See more pictures of this super productive day on the Volunteer page of this website.) The

USAFA Squadron 24 - The Phantoms

Gelding Grant!
So you have a stud or stud colt that needs an "attitude adjustment?" Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received a castration grant from the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. We can offer $100 toward the castration expense of your stud or stud colt. Help stop accidental breedings and at the same time make your horse more desireable in and around your barn. Contact RRHR at or 719-541-3642 for more information.

dy finds a great home!
Teddy, the home-bred mustang, who went through a failed adoption, found a new home with Chelsea. Thank you to Jody Czapla, At Home Horse Rescue in LaSalle, for orchestrating this adoption. A special thanks to Meredith Shertzer, Moonraker Quarter Horses, for getting Teddy squared away with some weight gain and additional training. It took a village, but Teddy will once again have his own human. Yay! Teddy!

Teddy with RRHR board member Susie Witter. 

Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology
Just saying THANK YOU to a super group of students from CAVT who helped out at RRHR on several occasions. We dewormed, vaccinated, mucked, cleaned, and groomed every single horse and donkey at the rescue. And they are coming back for more! See pictures of this great group of students on the Volunteer page.

Cupcake Thrives!
THANK YOU to Marcy Wadlington for her help with Cupcake, the skinny weanling that RRHR trainer Tanya Lowe found on the road last winter. She's coming along beautifully. Cupcake is getting corrective trims for her pigeon toe problem.

Then...                                                                     Now!

Please Welcome Riddle...
This lovely boy is so happy to be here with consistent food and care. We are glad to have him too. He is said to be mid teens with a past life of eventing, dressage and lessons. More information will be coming soon.

Are You Prepared?
This picture serves as a warning and reminder to have a plan in case of evacuation, and this time of year that means fire. We delivered a horse to Penrose on Friday, June 27, and snapped this photo of the wildfire NE of Canon City.

iss Cassie's New Home!

Thank you Earnie and Kim for giving Cassie a great new home!

A Budding Animal Welfare Advocate

Taylor Borden Barefoot is a 13 year old girl who loves horses. She and her friends are holding a bake sale in El Paso, Texas, at White Spur Park on June 27 and 28. The mascot for the event is a rescue horse named Kali (pictured), who is said to be the sweetest horse with the biggest, sassiest personality. The money raised will be donated to the Humane Society, a dog rescue, and you guessed it, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. Yea! for Taylor and her friends, and for their attention to honoring and respecting animal welfare. We appreciate you! RRHR thanks Kim and Earnie for giving Cassie a great new home on a beautiful 10-acre property with companion horses. We particularly love the smiles and beams on Earnie's face! This picture serves as a warning and reminder to have a plan in case of evacuation, and this time of year that means fire. We delivered a horse to Penrose and snapped this photo of the wildfire NE of Canon City.


RRHR Benefit Fun-Day: Super Success!

Thank You once again to St. Paws Thrift Store
St. Paws Thrift Store continues to support Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. We would like to acknowledge and thank them for their generosity not only with RRHR, but with a number of animal rescue and welfare groups in the Pikes Peak Region. We have once again received that generous check that helps us help the horses. Check out the store at 3275 E. Platte, Colorado Springs 80909. You won't be disappointed!

Some of the Silent Auction Items for the RRHR Benefit June 14:

RRHR 4th Annual Benefit - Come join the fun!
And you don't have to participate in the clinic to shop at the tack sale!

Creek - Now an Ex-Stud
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is pleased to have provided the castration for Creek, a new rescue taken in by Carrie Terroux-Barrett. The rescue was also facilitated with time, effort, and money by Whitney, Heather, Nan, and Diane, several productive and rescue-minded women that RRHR has the pleasure of working with from time to time. Creek's future is much brighter at Carrie's house than it would have been at the Calhan auction today. Another thanks to the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance for approving the RRHR castration grant.

Calypso: For Sale to New Best Home
Calypso (aka Caly) is a 7 yr old TB mare, bay, stands at about 15H and weighs 1000 lbs. She was adopted from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue as a yearling. She started her saddle training at 4 years old. Caly has impeccable ground manners. Under saddle she is very forward and sometimes likes to make her own decisions so will need a confident  rider with a soft hand who can make training corrections. She's been trained Western but on her own in the pasture shows huge athletic talent and Dressage or Hunter Jumper comes to mind. She has been on various trail rides across Colorado, has been cow sorting, and attended a cow sorting clinic a couple of years ago. I am rehoming her as she is simply in need of a bigger job than I can provide her. I believe she would make a great 4-H partner, likes to go fast so perhaps a gymkhana prospect. Up to date on vaccines and deworming. Rehoming fee of $1000.00 with half of that amount donated back to Ruby Ranch. Contact Sarah in Bennett 303-345-3459.

Caly                                                                            Caly under saddle

Teddy Needs another good home...
Teddy, now called Neo, was adopted last January and started under saddle by his new owner. She took some time off, then began again too quickly which resulted in a minor accident. Teddy/Neo has become untrusting of her and she wishes to find him a new home with the experience to bring him along again. He was going well at the walk, trot and even sidepass. He can be tacked up and still plays wonderfully on the ground. See his page for more information. Teddy/Neo is currently residing in Fort Collins and will be adopted again under the RRHR contract.

YEA! Pippy was adopted!
Pippy is an 8YO mini mule, a little hesitant about being handled, but Julie and Mike fell in love with her and took her home today. Thanks for giving Pippy an excellent home. She deserves it!

Welcome Beryl and King!
These two Norwegian Fjords were relinquished to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue due to the owner's health issues. They are well-cared-for horses with lots of mountain, camping, parade and trail experience. See more information on their pages.

Beryl                                                                       King

Got Balls? Geld 'em!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been awarded grant funding for low-cost castration for all those stallions and studcolts. A huge thank you to the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance for supporting their cause with our cause. Contact RRHR (719-541-3642 or for more information about how to have a portion of your vet bill paid for when you geld your horse.

Welcome Frankie!
Frankie's owner is quite ill and facing several surgeries. He asked Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue to take his horses who have been well cared for. Frankie is the first one to come to us. He is a coming 6 year old gelding, about 14.2H with a very stout build. He has had no training. Frankie is at Anna Blake's Infinity Farm for ground training, thanks to a grant from the Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust and the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance. Once he is ready for saddle work, Frankie will come to RRHR for Tanya Lowe's expertise. Welcome Frankie!

This starved little yearling filly, now named Cupcake, was picked up on the side of the road by RRHR trainer Tanya Lowe. Tanya is working with Colorado Humane to discover who might have abandoned her. Meanwhile, RRHR is pleased to help support the refeeding and care of Cupcake, who is currently residing at Tanya's. All donations to RRHR for vet and farrier bills are tax deductible.

More Horses Need Homes
See Other Horses Available page for recent additions.

Welcome Doc, Soldier Boy and Pippi!
These three came to RRHR recently. See their page under Horses for Adoption. Doc is a 13.1 pony, Soldier Boy is a 38" 2YO mini, and Pippi is a 44" hinny.

Doc                                                         Soldier Boy                                     Pippi

Beautiful Rocky Mountain Gaited Mare donated to RRHR!
Skyla is a beautiful registered Rocky Mountain gaited mare, 11 years old, about 15.1H, who as been used as a trail horse. Due to family circumstances following the Black Forest fire, Skyla's owner has donated her to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue as a fund-raiser. Because she hasn't been ridden in nearly eight months, RRHR trainer, Tanya Lowe, is assessing her ground work and saddle training. She is available for adoption under RRHR standard adoption procedures which can be found on our website at Adoption fee is $3500. Watch for updates on her page on the website. We thank Marilyn for entrusting us with this lovely mare and for the opportunity to represent her for adoption to a good home while assisting RRHR financially with other horses in more needy situations.

It's the dead of winter and RRHR has placed three horses in new homes. It's usually a slow time of year for adoptions. Teddy (now Titan), Shay, and Stoney have been adopted. Hurray for us, and for these rescued horses who deserve no less than to be loved by new families.

Teddy and his human, Madisen.                              Shay, shortly after gaining 200 lbs.

Stoney. Third time's a charm!

Colorado Springs Horseman's Day
February 22 is the annual Colorado Springs Horseman's Day at Norris-Penrose Event Center. Colorado Springs Horseman’s Day was started in 2009 by the folks at Colorado Equine Veterinary Services (CEVS) as a FREE equine educational forum. Horsemanship clinics and informational sessions are conducted by subject matter experts throughout the day. This year, Temple Grandin will be speaking along with presentations on equine nutrition, the unwanted horse, disaster preparedness, bits and bit fitting. There will be a horsemanship clinic and a dressage clinic and fun activities for children. Go to to see the entire schedule for the day. RRHR will be in attendance at our booth, along with trainers Anna Blake, Lori Torrini, Tanya Lowe, and equine massage therapist, Nickole Aubuchon. Hope to see you there!

Low-Cost Gelding Clinics... Coming soon!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been awarded grant funding for low-cost castration for all those stallions and studcolts that do not need to be breeding. A huge thank you to the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance for supporting their cause with our cause. The first clinic will be held at Ruby Ranch in Ramah on April 12. We will accommodate 10 horses with reduced rate castration. More information will be forth-coming.

See "Other Horses" page
Merle, Chantilly, Franky, Moonshadow, Midnight, Glory, and Patches are horses who need new homes. Go to the Other Horses page to find your new best friend, riding horse, companion horse or project. 

Thank You Carrie Terroux-Barrett!
Carrie is a friend and fellow rescuer. She helped out Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue by checking on two horses we received a call on; two of 12 horses just this week, not mentioning the 45-horse hoarding case. Quite a start to the new year. But these two are now safe in Carrie's back pasture. The horses had been confined for five months in stalls and needless to say, they were wired! She will let them run it off for a week before attempting any type of assessment. THANK YOU Carrie. Horses don't have to be skinny to be neglected.

Animal Assistance Foundation
This fine organization once again awarded Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue with a training grant. They recognize that unwanted horses become wanted when the horse meets the owner's expectations, and that means training. The Animal Assistance Foundation ( provides grants for animal welfare in the state of Colorado. Thank you AAF for once again validating our mission!

Meet Casanova!
This fine gentleman came to Ruby Ranch two days before Christmas. Nova is an older boy, in need of a float, deworming, and vaccinations, and obviously in need of lots of weight. He is very friendly and according to his previous owner, very well trained. Right now we will let him focus on food. We are just glad he's here for Christmas.


Holiday Shopping...
To all of you who shop, if you log into, a small percentage of the dollar amount of your order will be donated to a charity of your choice. Of course, we hope you choose Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You ASPCA!!
RRHR received a travel stipend to send two board members to an equine rescue workshop in Lexington, Kentucky. We plan to learn more about running a rescue and will have the opportunity to meet other rescues in attendance. We are grateful for this opportunity and thank the ASPCA for this grant stipend.Visit ASPCA at to see all the ways they help animals in need.

Katie the Lonely Arabian
Katie was rescued by a friend of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue after living for over 20 years with no companion and with little money to provide basic veterinary care. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is pleased to support this lovely Arabian mare with veterinary and feed care. Thank you Whitney Applegate for finding her on Craigslist. Katie is now in a new forever home where she has equine buddies and a full tummy.

Other Horses Page
Check out the Other Horses Page for your next equine partner. From riding mounts to companions, maybe you can find your next best friend.

Hay Donation
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received a generous hay donation from Sandie Klinge in Peyton, who is a foster home for several rescue horses. Sandie made the donation in memory of her father, Donald Walter Giebel. This bereavement donation goes a long way to give our horses happy attitudes and full tummies. Thank you, Sandie, for choosing RRHR for this donation.

Lauretta Boyd Foundation
This fine organization has once again awarded Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue a grant for training our rescued horses. The grant was written for dual purposes, so we also received some funding toward hay purchase for the winter. With hay costs still very high, this is much needed and much appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Sally Beck Foundation!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received a grant award from The Sally Beck Foundation to help with veterinary and farrier expenses for our rescued horses. All of us at RRHR appreciate the validation and assistance offered by this foundation to help with our mission to provide safe haven and excellent care to horses in need. THANK YOU Sally Beck Foundation!

Thank You OHAAT!!!
One Horse at a Time is an organization that provides grant funding to help castrate studs and studcolts. RRHR was the lucky recipient of a gelding grant to help castrate eight of the minis who recently arrived from North Dakota. We thank OHAAT ( for their generosity and validation of what we do here at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

ND Minis have arrived!
See more information on their page under Horses for Adoption. Of the 14, three are still available for adoption.

Mini Bake Sale!
Yes, we are literally having a bake sale to raise funding for bringing these minis to Colorado. Their owner has been unsuccessful with finding help near her in North Dakota. She was diagnosed with leukemia and can no longer care for them. See their pictures and descriptions on the ND Miniature page under Horses for Adoption. Contact Alicia Lamothe Welch on facebook or at
(719) 337-7250 if you can help or donate.

North Dakota Minis need our help!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is partnering with our friend, Carrie Terroux-Barrett, in helping these minis. Their owner is ill and needs homes for 18 little lovelies. She has been unsuccessful locally to find help. Most are in good weight and health. There are 2 studs and 8 studcolts - all will be castrated. There are two mares who may be in foal. Carrie will transport from ND the first week of October. Adoption contracts are required for adoption which stipulate "no breeding" for the mares and fillies. A nominal adoption donation is requested. Expenses for castration, floats, farrier, vaccinations, deworming, and transporting will be sizable. We appreciate your generosity in helping with these costs. And if you can re-home a mini - we would love it!! Please Share! 

Other Horses Available Page
Please see the Other Horses Available page for a number of horses free to good homes, including a 16YO TWH, two very nice registered Arabians, a 17YO trained Appy, a 20YO trained and papered TB, an older palomino mustang gelding who packs and likes kids, and a 27YO Belgian mare who still pulls a cart for shorter distances. Here are pictures of two of them.

Rawley                                                                  Athena

Disney's Ears to You!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue again received a grant through the "EARS to You" program sponsored by Disney, ABC, ESPN, and Pixar. Employees of these companies are given the opportunity to apply for a grant on behalf of their favorite charity. In our case, we thank Jo-Ann Romain and her family for their volunteer hours that translated to dollars sent to support the horses at Ruby Ranch. In 2012, Disney employees volunteered more than 586,000 hours through the Disney VoluntEARS Program.

Chinese Monday...
Nineteen Chinese students and their host families volunteered at Ruby Ranch as part of their linguistic and cultural immersion program.This is the first time these urban kids have experienced large animals or ranch situations. There was a lot of "ew" factor when it came to mucking, but the pictures on our Volunteer page will show they all participated along with grooming and some branch clearing. It was great fun! Thank you to our volunteers, Sheila, Megan Elizabeth, Susie, Claudia, Nicky and Rosie. You were great task masters and we couldn't have done this without you.

A big THANKS! to Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique
This boutique was created to financially assist animal welfare groups, and Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue was the lucky beneficiary of their recent silent auction. This month-long event culminated in a two-hour party complete with margaritas, pizza, live music and bidding wars. Lots of treasures went to new homes that evening and RRHR came home with a nice donation check to help with hay and veterinary costs. Thank you Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique!

Cassie - Up for Re-Adoption!
This pretty paint is 7 years old and has been started under saddle. She is 14.1H and about 900 lbs. Her current adopter works full time and does not have the time or resources to continue her training. Cassie needs her next wonderful home. Contact us at Ruby Ranch for more information. Her own page is coming soon!

Donated Car!! (It's been SOLD!)
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received a donated car to use as a fund-raiser. Here it is: 2004 Hyundai Elantra in very nice condition, black, 4-door sedan, 84 k miles, have service records, timing belt replaced at 65,245 miles, sunroof, automatic, A/C, cruise, FWD, 4 Cylinder, CD player, bucket seats, owner's manual, $4200 OBO. 
For a test drive call 719-495-4725.OBO - Make an offer!!

Abby in Training

Silent Auction Fund-Raiser!
Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique, 3314 Austin Bluffs, Colorado Springs, 719-466-9797, is sponsoring a fund-raiser silent auction for Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue in part to help replenish hay supplies due to taking on evacuated horses from the Black Forest Fire. Drop in and make your bid lots of times. All proceeds will benefit horses at RRHR including hay, feed and vet bills. Pictured are a few of the items to be auctioned. THANK YOU RHUB for your acknowledgement and generosity! Ends Saturday, July 20.

Proceeds to Benefit RRHR!
HorseShoes 4 the Heart supports Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. Looking for a gift? Below is a sample of some of their creative items. 25% goes to RRHR during the week ending July 5. Check them out!

Buy ONE get SECOND 50% OFF. Use COUPON Code "Summer" during checkout!!!! Get a PONY and a Beaded Horse Shoe!!
Visit purchase a beaded horse shoe and/or pony. Proceeds are donated to various Horse Rescues!

Evacuated Horses - Black Forest Fire
Ruby Ranch is getting back to normal. We are delivering four of the evacuated horses back to their home. Thank goodness it didn't burn down. Here are a few pics of Klassi and Cassie (adopted from RRHR) that we evacuated. Two beautiful girls showing off for other evacuated horses and some of the RRHR residents, including the mini, Archie, who was full of himself that day.

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue Partners with for Crowd-Funding

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the crowdfunding website, and we would love to have your help. helps organizations like Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue raise money for critically needed projects. For a small donation (think $10 or less) you can make a huge difference at Ruby Ranch. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Visit: and read about our project. We are trying to raise $2500 to ease the pain and suffering of rescue horses.
  2. Click the donate button and give as much as you feel comfortable providing.
  3. Tell your friends. Each project has links to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+
  4. Sit back and watch our project get funded and know that you made it happen.

Thanks again for all of your support. We appreciate your help and we thank you for participating in this wonderful new technology with us.

Calhan Ranchhand 4H Club
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue was treated to a volunteer day from the Calhan Ranchhand 4H Club. These parents and "kids" worked hard with mucking, shoveling road base, creekbed cleanup, grooming, hand-grazing and doing whatever we had on our list to get accomplished. Their work ethic is obvious and appreciated; their gentleness in caring for our horses confirmed understanding of rescue; their eagerness to be "of help" in the community is to be lauded. THANK YOU!!

HAY for sale

These 3x3x8 bales of alfalfa/grass mix were added to our latest semiload of hay and we don't need them. We have about 15 bales. Ruby Ranch paid $165 each for these 800-850 lb bales and will sell them for that amount. We were told they are about 30-40% alfalfa but the one we opened looks to be a bit more. Call us at 719-541-3642 or email at if you are interested in one or more.


Olive, the mini
Dr. Finke at Colorado Equine Veterinary Services just confirmed that our little rescue mini, Olive, is indeed in foal. Indicators suggest a foal date of sometime in June.

Casey, the pony...
Casey is a 7YO, 43" bay paint pony gelding who is free to a good home. See the "Other Horses Available" page for more  information. He's adopted!

Low Cost Gelding Clinic


Up-Coming Events!

Hey! Check this out! Anna Blake of Anna Blake Training just posted her summer events. Of course it includes the 3rd Annual RRHR Benefit, as well as horse agility Saturdays and other good things. Go to for more information.Casey is a 7YO, 43"

Why not start off riding season with a groundwork obedience clinic, such as the one on May 18 with Lori Torrini of Deseos Arabians? Here's the link: Lori and Anna Blake are sponsoring the 3rd Annual RRHR Benefit Clinic on June 8.

Welcome Mack!
Mack is a 26YO registered Morgan who was used as a trail horse all of his life. Obviously he did not fare well after his owner died. Mack is happily eating mush, enjoying the warmth of the barn and free choice grass hay. He even got to graze some of the new spring grass coming up at Ruby Ranch.


See "Other Horses Available" page for six beauties!
Just posted April 13, 2013!

Thank You Harmony HorseWorks!
THANK YOU Barbara Wright at Harmony HorseWorks in Conifer, Colorado, for the donation. Harmony HorseWorks ( is a horse sanctuary and equine horse/human therapy facility. They worked a large starvation case in Bailey last year but the seizure warrant was defective and evidence in the case was not allowed. The horses lost big time when they were returned to their owners. The fundraiser money has been disseminated to other horse rescues in honor of Little Big Man, the one starved horse that made it to safety.

A Ban on Horse Slaughter - in the works!
THANK YOU Obama Administration!

Combined Federal Campaign

Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is pleased and grateful to have qualified for the Combined Federal Campaign, the organization that helps federal employees make informed decisions about giving to charity. We are honored to accept donations of over $1800 in our first year, 2012.

9 More horses need homes!!!!
Listed on Other Horses Available page. All mustang or mustang descendants. They are of good weight, the roans are beautiful, including a bay roan, strawberry roan and blue roan, two mares in foal, one 9 month old colt, two black studcolts (3 and 4 years old) and one mare trained under saddle.

UPDATE: April 5 - Sadly, one of these mustangs died last night from a catastrophic injury she suffered in the hazardous conditions where she lived. Six are placed in good homes, one is in training in hopes of getting adopted, and one remains on the property. We hope to remove him soon.

5 Minis need new homes!
See the Other Horses Available page for these 5 minis located in Calhan.
UPDATE: March 24 - two are adopted! Two are at Ruby Ranch.

Hay Nets - We love ours!
Go to to see a great assortment of hay nets for large, round and small bales, slow feed and, well, regular feed. They are working just great over here at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. The horses get to graze all day long and even prefer the netted hay over the loose hay that we spread about for insurance. The waste is minimal and that translates to dollars saved. Ruby Ranch is an official rescue reseller of these nets. Just let us know what size you want. Check 'em out!

How about draft mares in foal?
See the post on the Other Horses Available page: A Percheron cross PMU and a Friesian cross.

Gaited horse anyone?
Check out the Other Horses Available page!

Yea! for Hay!
Mr. Keith Propp, we salute you! Thank you for donating hay, alfalfa cubes and misc. tack in memory of your two mares, Lilly and MorningStar. The alfalfa is being enjoyed by our very own Star, a recent rescue from the Scott Rd. neglect case, who needs up to 200 hundred pounds of weight. Keith, your thoughtfulness and generosity is appreciated!

Grey Horse
This bony grey horse was noticed while we were involved in the Scott Rd. rescues. Thank you Deputy Brian Morse for responding to our request for a welfare check. Grey horse was indeed starving and now has a free choice big bale to munch on with followup visits by Dep. Morse.

Star from the Scott Rd. Rescue
Star is the last horse to be removed from Scott Rd. He is at RRHR getting love, attention and a full tummy.  He's a sweet boy with a good dose of cautiousness. Star even looks like he could be a TWH. He lets us scratch his neck and withers. At 12 years old, he has a lot of catching up to do but it's obvious he's had some handling and training in the past.


Horseman's Day
Horseman's Day at the Norris-Penrose Event Center was a huge and fun event. We talked until we were "hoarse." Anna Blake, Lori Torrini and Tanya Lowe, the RRHR trainers, were on hand to talk training issues; RRHR volunteers Claudia and Bob Masters, Ted Keller, Susie Witter and of course Roger and Pat, were on hand to do set up and tear down and to talk rescue world. Two horses found new homes. It was a successful day!

Horses in Need...
(Feb. 20, 2013) Five horses near Calhan are starving due to owner's loss of property and financial hardship. They are all thin under their winter coat. Owner will be out of hay in two days. Chip in for a bale of hay using paypal and the RRHR email address, Or call Colorado Agri-Feed at 719-599-5961, and purchase a bale for RRHR and the Scott Rd. rescue
s. RRHR will be delivering hay on Friday, Feb. 22. See "Other Horses" page for more information.
UPDATE (Feb. 25):  These five horses have been well fed thanks to the generosity of all of those supporting our "chip-in" for hay cause. Colorado Agri-Feed handled this fund-raiser and RRHR picked up two loads of hay.
Thanks again to our good friends Carrie Terroux-Barrett, Pete Barrett, Whitney Applegate, Abby Hilty, Alicia Welch, Mary Kissam and Michele at the Lacey Foundation.

What a Coincidence!!
Roger and Pat took the day off today. Well, maybe 1/6 of the day. We walked into St. Paws Thrift Store, the one in Colorado Springs that donates their proceeds to animal welfare groups. Vicki greeted us and said they were having 5 drawings during the day and the lucky 5 rescues would each get a check for $500. Fairly soon, a patron came in the store; Vicki asked her to do one of the drawings, and as Roger and I looked on, she read "Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue" off the little piece of paper. Everyone in the store was astounded at the coincidence! On the spot, they put Ruby Ranch's name on the big check for the photo op and wrote us out a little check that the bank could handle. Once again, all of us at Ruby Ranch say THANK YOU to St. Paws and the good work they do!

An open message to RRHR friends and supporters...
Since December 7, 2012, Ruby Ranch has been boarding and caring for three horses, initially as a community service to another non-profit, pending their transportation to another state. Although the agreement was for a term of 2-3 weeks, it has been over two months and these horses continue to be cared for at RRHR. The Ruby Ranch Board of Directors is working diligently to facilitate a solution to either transport these horses or provide them permanent shelter and find them good homes through the RRHR adoption process, in the best interests of the horses. Ruby Ranch's only intention is to resolve the issue while safe-guarding the best interests of these horses and protecting the RRHR budget.

See Other Horses page for new additions!

Hay available for struggling horse owners!
Contact  Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, visit or send a message to

To contact The Hay Bank of Colorado, send a message to

SaraJane's Training...
SaraJane had a good start with Anna Blake at Infinity Farms last year. They did ground training in
preparation for saddle training this year. After just a couple of tune-up sessions last week by Tanya Lowe here at Ruby Ranch, SJ was calm enough to accept Tanya on her back. They didn't go anywhere this first time, but we finished up with a few yields and a very calm SaraJane. Great start!

Yea! Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance (CUHA)
RRHR is so excited and grateful to CUHA for awarding us a training grant. For the third year in a row Ruby Ranch has received funding to help train our young horses, tune-up the older ones, and problem-solve for the ones with ghosts in their histories. We know that our trained horses have better prospects for being adopted and are more likely to stay in their adopted homes because they meet their owners expectations.  Thank you Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance for supporting Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue!

Shay Shines!
Many of you remember Shay, the starved 3YO filly. She is now 4 years old and the pictures are day two of her training with Tanya Lowe, a Level III Parelli trainer.You can see more information about Shay on her page under "Horses or Adoption."

St. Paws Thrift Store helps Cassie

Cassie went to her new adopted home and became sick - multiple colic episodes caused by ulcers. The vet bills were above what was affordable for the new owner and for Ruby Ranch so St. Paws Thrift Store once again supported Ruby Ranch by financially helping this rescued horse. THANK YOU St. Paws for giving this pretty little girl another chance at life. You are appreciated!


Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique

This boutique will be opening in early 2013 at 3314 Austin Bluffs Parkway in Colorado Springs. Their mission is to use proceeds to support animal shelters and rescues. They are a 501(c)(3) so all of your gently used donated items will generate a tax receipt. Their concept is a little more upscale than a thrift store in that they will network with artists and crafters as well as feature pre-owned merchandise. Call them at 719-466-9797 for more information and to set up a time to bring in your items. Also check them out with a "like" on Facebook. We welcome this endeavor with animal welfare as their focus and wish them success in their mission.
Words of Wisdom!
For the New Year, think about this:

Mike W. Ross, DVM, Dipl. ACVS, a professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania’s school of veterinary medicine said, “I wish horse owners would think about alternatives to longeing. Constant turning places forces of torsion on the distal limbs, exacerbates lameness, and may potentially lead to chronic arthritic conditions later in life.”

He philosophized, “Each step while turning is worth two steps in a straightaway.” Alternatives to longeing include long reining, in-hand work, and even “advance-retreat” work with a loose horse (through obstacle courses, etc). All of these techniques will help keep you fit as well.

Horses needing homes...
Check the Other Horses Available page for horses that need new homes. Just added five in the past week.

Sugar and the Babies...
These three precious horses were from a load of 24 that were recovered from a kill buyer. They are all registered Quarter Horses. Sugar and her 4 month old colt, along with a 6 month old weanling filly are at Ruby Ranch awaiting transport to their new owner, Homefront Equestrians, a non-profit group in Massachusetts that works with families of deployed military. Thank you Carrie Terroux of the C Lazy T Ranch for saving them!

Bey and the Bobcat!
Bey, 32YO Arabian owned by Lori and Jim of Deseos Arabians, became cast overnight in a corral panel. Lori and Jim worked tirelessly to get him up but to no avail. His muscles were cold and fatigued. Bey is a very brave boy. He calmly ate soaked beet pulp while we rigged up a sling with t-posts and canvas from an army cot. Roger brought in the Bobcat skidsteer to hoist him up. Success!!

Rigging up the sling.                                            Hoisting to the stand.

Free at last!                                                          Thanking "bobby" the Bobcat.

Geisha and Juliet Go Home...
Juliet was adopted over two years ago by the Loparco family. She was trained by Lori Torrini and has resided at Lori's Deseos Arabians. RRHR picked up Juliet with Geisha in tow and delivered them both to their new home in Elbert. Brand spanking new barn and fencing, nice horse property and a home where both girls will be loved and cared for. Thank you Loparco's!

"Contact Us" is fixed!
We found the problem with our "Contact Us" page and it is fixed. We don't know how long this has been occurring, so if you have tried to contact us in the past through this page and did not get a response, please contact us again.

Featured Horse: ROSIE (And now she's adopted!)
See information about Rosie on the "Horses for Adoption" page. She's a stout, forward, QH type pony mare, 14 years old and 13.2H, friendly and personable. 

Update on 17 Horses in need of homes!

Regarding the 17 horses on the foreclosed property at Calhan Hwy and Judge Orr: We sent another inquiry to the appropriate authorities and to the realtor. The response we received outlined the following plan: The cowboy/rancher who will be leasing the property is arranging to take all of these horses in his possession with the plan to get them removed, get them trained and hopefully into other homes. Some of the horses were moved yesterday (Oct. 30). Since no one was aware that one of the stallions was beating up on the little foal, we were able to provide information that helped that situation immediately. Thank you Carrie and Rosie for your eyes and quick reporting.

ASPCA Honors Ruby Ranch - once again!

Because of the drought and the extremely high cost of hay, the ASPCA offered emergency hay grants to horse rescues. Ruby Ranch submitted a grant proposal to help with our hay costs from January to June 2013. We have been notified by ASPCA that they have awarded RRHR $5000 toward our hay purchases. We are grateful and thrilled, once again, to receive this type of grant award. We sincerely thank the ASPCA for continuing to be a leader in the animal welfare arena. Please visit them at to
read about all of the amazing programs for animals supported by
the ASPCA.

Bereavement Donations
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has been the recipient of bereavement donations, honoring both horses and humans who have passed away. What a meaningful and respectful way to show love and sympathy for those who miss their loved ones.

Great Article!
Thank you Deborah Grigsby of the Elbert County News for publishing this article about Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. It is accurate, informative and appreciated!

We did it!

Rather YOU did it! You donated over $1500 for the matching funds offered by St. Paws Thrift Store and you did it in two week's time! St. Paws will have an awards ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 20, to hand over a check for the $1500 to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue for the purchase of hay. We at RRHR are grateful for the support from our community and from St. Paws and THANK YOU all very very much!

Tack Sale Update
It was a cold and windy day but nonetheless we had a hearty group of volunteers to help setup, organize, sell, and tear down for the annual tack sale benefit for Ruby Ranch. Thank you to Susie, Carolyn, Mandy, Mary, Rosie, Sheila, Sharon, Nicky, Gerda, Claudia and Bob for your help and support. Thank you once again to Falcon Feed for sponsoring our event. We cleared just over $3200 which included selling the donated trailers. The remaining saddles will be listed on Craigslist, so that number will increase as the weeks go on. Thanks for a successful fund-raiser!

Free Equine Clinic!
Free equine check-up clinic on Wednesday, Oct. 17, 10:00 to 5:00 or 1/2day if preferred. Contact Mendy Gonzales, Sisters Quarter Horses, 719-338-9810 for more information and directions. Location is SE of Calhan. Topics covered are health check including vital signs, body condition scoring, record-keeping, safety in a herd, anatomy, behavior  observations, etc. Pot luck lunch

Just Posted on Other Horses page:
s free to good homes!

RRHR Annual Tack Sale!
Save the date, Saturday, October 13. RRHR is holding it's annual used tack sale at Falcon Feed (next to Big R on Hwy 24) from 10:00 to 2:00. Come check out English and Western saddles, pads and blankets, winter blankets, bridles, bits, spurs, halters, feeders, books, chaps, etc. Also includes one funky old 2-horse straight load trailer and one newer 2-horse straight load. You are bound to find something you just gotta have! And, if you have horse-related items to donate, now's the time!

We are well on our way to getting matching funds for our hay fund-raiser from St. Paws Thrift Store.
St. Paws will match donations up to $1500 and we already have $730 donated! We have until Oct. 8 so don't delay to have your donation doubled. Tax receipts are available and we thank you for participating in a very worthy cause.

RRHR needs some help...
Okeedokee all of you wonderful supporters, volunteers, and "likers" of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. The drought has more than doubled our hay costs this year. We have been offered a super resource from St. Paws Thrift Store. They will match donations for our next semi load of hay, up to $1500. That means whatever you donate to RRHR is actually doubled! If you can see clear to that $5, $10, heck $100, we'll be well on our way to getting this hay paid for. Use PayPal and remember to avoid fees by clicking on "personal" and then "gift." Our email is Or, send to RRHR, 36785 Ramah Rd. E., Ramah, CO 80832. A great big THANK YOU and WE APPRECIATE YOU cannot be said enough!

Goodbye Mavvie...
Maverick first came to Ruby Ranch in 2006. He was an older Thoroughbred gelding, frightened and very thin, who quickly learned to love attention. After a much needed float, Mavvie gained all the weight he needed and an angel lady from Sterling adopted him and several other companion horses to live and graze on 160 acres. Mavvie returned to Ruby Ranch in September 2011 because he again began to lose weight and become untrusting of humans. It was discovered that Mavvie needed a diet of mush - he could no longer eat hay. And he was losing his sight. During the past year Mavvie developed equine dementia. For many months Mavvie was content with his small herd of mares and very dependent on their whereabouts. Over the past month, Mavvie's confusion and uncertainty increased to the extend that the quality of his life was severely impaired. We chose a glorious Fall day to let him go. Nonetheless, he is missed.

Thank You Girl Scouts!
Girl Scout troops 3080 and 1229 of the Falcon area shared their horse stories, mucked, groomed and donated boxes of their famous cookies to Ruby Ranch. It was a fun morning and THANK YOU for doing our chores. More pictures on the "Volunteer" page.

17 Quarterhorses in Calhan!
These 17 horses are residing on a property about to be foreclosed. Suitable homes are needed for all of them. See "Other Horses" page for more information.

Check "Other Horses" page ...
Three Andalusians need new homes!!! 

Stoney's Back!
This big, beautiful boy has returned to Ruby Ranch after spending a month as a companion to an older horse. It was a mismatch of personalities coupled with the tendon injury of the old guy, so Stoney is again in need of a new home. He's a friendly saddle trained 7 year old. Goes western. Check out his info and see if this family-type horse is the one for you.

Puppy at his new home...
Thank you Robyn and Blake for giving Puppy (aka Sky) that great new home. He's waited a long time and it was well worth it!

Duchess is Adopted!
Duchess has been with Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue since 2007. She was one of the last horses left standing at the Illinois slaughter facility when it closed. She came to us as untrusting and traumatized both  physically and mentally. Over the years as she became more accepting of the love and care from us humans, we told her she could stay here forever unless that perfect home surfaced. Much to our delight and surprise, Kate and Josh of Beulah is that perfect home. They wanted a companion for Solace, who was injured in a horrific trailer accident while in route to the same Illinois slaughter facility the year before it closed. A defining moment for us humans at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue...

Duchess, the gray, making friends with Solace.

Ears to You!
We thank DisneyWorld's Ears To You program for once again donating to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. Jo-Ann Romain, an RRHR friend, works for DisneyWorld, who honors their employees by donating money to non-profits based on the number of hours the employee volunteers. For the past four years, Jo-Ann has designated Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue as her non-profit of choice to benefit from this program. We thinks she's super!

CART Training
The Community Animal Response Team (CART) will hold a training session on Saturday, August 18 from noon to 4:00 p.m. at Deseos Arabians, 9990 Hahn Rd., Calhan, CO. Contact Lori Torrini at 303-339-0312 for more information.

Ruby Ranch Closed Saturday, July 28!
We will be attending the benefit clinic sponsored by Anna Blake of Anna Blake Training and Lori Torrini of Deseos Arabians.  Kiowa, Luna, Jonesy and Guy (aka Dakota) will be participating along with previously adopted Solo and Brody. See below for more information.

Three Nice Horses Need Homes!

See "Other Horses" page for a 12YO QH, 11YO TB, and 5YO paint pony. They need homes ASAP!

Update on Horse Training
Go to the pages for Sky, Luna, Geisha, Stoney, Mosa, Rosie, Dakota and Abby to see training updates. Thank you Animal Assistance Foundation for the training grant to give these horses better prospects for a new home.

RRHR Benefit Clinic!!!
Anna Blake of Infinity Farm and Lori Torrini of Deseos Arabians are sponsoring a Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue benefit clinic on July 28 at Infinity Farm in Falcon from 9:00-1:00. Come out and play with your horse, try new things like Equine Agility, Jumping, and Equine Massage. Meet horses available for adoption, watch the “Rescue Horse Parade”, participate in Riding Patterns to music, and have a great time! Also lots to do for those who don’t bring a horse! $55 for participants with their horses, $15 for those without. Includes lunch and 100% or the proceeds go to RRHR.The cost of the clinic includes lunch, handout materials for riders and auditors, and plenty to do including hands-on activities. Contact Anna or Lori for more information or to sign up. 

Clinic Location: 5850 Condor Rd, Falcon, CO 80831
Anna: (303) 919 - 5926

Castration Grants
For all of you with stud colts and stallions, please consider gelding them! Calhan Veterinary Clinic has a grant to help cover the costs of castrating these horses: $100 if you haul in and $125 for the vet to come to you. Additional fees (e.g. mileage charges at $3.50/mile one way) are not covered. Contact 719-347-2702 for more information.
Front Range Equine Rescue's program "Stop the Backyard Breeders" will reimburse 30% of your castration fee. Includes equines throughout the United States. Check their website at for more information.
Longhopes Donkey Shelter has a grant for gelding those jacks in Colorado. Go to to get information.

2nd Annual Hogs for Horses
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue welcomed motorcyclists at the 2nd Annual Hogs for Horses benefit at the ranch - amid all the blustery weather! We thank the brave riders for forging ahead and making the benefit a successful one in spite of the micro-bursts of wind and splatterings of rain. Sharon Panning and Bob Miller sponsored this event of clean and sober motorcyclists - a super group of people helping out the community cause of horse rescue. Our mighty volunteers (Claudia, Bob, Michelle, Rosie, Diana, Carolyn, Gerda, Patrice and Magda) along with RRHR board members (Susie, Roger, Lori, Jim and Pat) put on a successful and fun afternoon.

Hogs for Horses benefit , Sat. June 2, just getting started

AAF Awards RRHR Training Grant!!!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is the most appreciative recipient of a training grant from the Animal Assistance Foundation ( We thank and acknowledge the AAF for their foresight in supporting rescued horses, providing them with training to increase their chances of finding that good home. RRHR currently has Stoney, Abby, Rosie, Geisha, Sky and Mosa in training.  Please see their pages for more information.

More about Jonesy...
Turns out Jonesy's granddaddy is the great Sunday Silence, winner of two legs of the Triple Crown and the Breeder's Cup, named Horse of the Year in 1989, U.S. Racing Hall of Fame in 1996 and has his own volume in the Thoroughbred Legends series. Jonesy will be coming back to RRHR for training and riding assessment in July. See his page for more information.
Meet Jonesy!
Our new boy, Jonesy, is an 8YO Thoroughbred who apparently was trained to race, but never did. He is a sweet horse, easy to handle with good ground manners, but may have some issues under saddle. He was used as a "hunt" horse but really doesn't like to jump. He's a big mover, about 15.3H and fun to watch. Jonesy will hang out and just be a horse for several months at our friend Christine's place. We will then re-start him from the ground up to fill in any holes in his training. Watch for more information on his page soon.

Meet Mosa - Again!
This beautiful dun 5YO mare is back with Ruby Ranch - a testament to the lifelong commitment to each horse rescued. She was well cared for by her human who has realized she is not in a position to train this youngster. Instead, she is adopting one of the RRHR companion horses who spent the winter at her place. Shonie will now be a permanent resident there. Mosa will go into saddle training this spring - she has already had ground training and roundpen work, worn a saddle, etc. Watch for her page soon.
Mosa at 3 years old

Raina and Polly are Back!
These two girls spent the winter with Marilyn near Franktown.  We welcome them back to Ruby Ranch and hope they will find good homes this year. Thank you Marilyn for taking such good care of them! See their pages for more information.

Polly and Raina

Colorado Springs Horseman's Day...
Thanks to Colorado Equine Veterinarian Services (CEVS) for sponsoring the Horseman's Day! Ruby Ranch shared booth space with Deseos Arabians and Infinity Farms who train some of our horses. We talked a LOT and shared stories and pictures with a wonderful group of people who stopped by. And, by the way, they stuffed our donation box with all sorts of bills and checks! Our board member, Lori Torrini, won the CEVS door prize - a gift certificate for veterinary services.  She so generously donated it to Ruby Ranch. We'll use it for poor Zander when he has that nasty tooth extracted.

Ellie May finds a new foster home!
Ellie is abeautiful 9YO red roan mare who has been with Ruby Ranch since 2006.  She was rescued along with her 6 month old foal, Brody, and his sire, Frodo. Ellie was in a foster home for over two years keeping an older mare company and having the run of 57 acres. She came back to Ruby Ranch last fall and has been looking for her new situation. Ellie has a twisted right knee due to neglectful hoof care as a youngster and is suitable as a very nice companion.  Her new family, Bill and Megan, are showing her lots of love and presented her with a very handsome mustang named Sem.  Ellie is in heaven.  She loves the geldings! We all think this is her perfect situation.

Colorado Springs Horseman's Day...
Come join us on Saturday, March 24, for the Colorado Springs Horseman's Day at Falcon High School. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue will share a booth with Deseos Arabians and Infinity Farms, both of the trainers working with RRHR to improve adopt-ability of our horses. Follow the link to get information about the exhibitors, the performance and veterinarian round tables. Lots more!

Yoder Horses!
The three older stallions from the Yoder neglect case have been gelded.  Thank you Dr. Britt Stubblefield of Rocky Top Veterinary Service for going above and beyond to get these three unhandled, untrained boys castrated.  Also thank you to Ed Ruroede, the farrier who put up with drunk horses in order to get their over-long hooves trimmed; our volunteer, Michelle Eberhart for being the helper that she is; Jon and Cameron from Triple Acres Horse Rescue for taking home one of the newly castrated boys; and to Lori Torrini and Jim Barrentine of Deseos Arabians for lending their expertise. Below are pictures of the pens that these stallions lived in for over 2 years.

One Horse At A Time! Thank You!
One Horse At A Time is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that offers financial support for emergency hay and feed and vet care.  One of the assistance program's they can be most proud of is their gelding grant program.  OHAAT believes that one of the leading problems facing the equine population is over-breeding and Ruby Ranch agrees. OHAAT provides funds upfront to help pay for castrations. Their quick response to our need with the Yoder stallions has helped us pay for them to be gelded. Go to the OHAAT website at to see who they are and the wonderful programs for assisting horses in need.  Thank you very much for assisting our horses in need.

St. Paws Thrift Store...
Once again, St. Paws Thrift Store has stepped up with their no-nonsense philosophy about animal welfare. Ruby Ranch is incurring a hefty bill with this latest Yoder rescue case.  St. Paws recognized the need and immediately donated to help with vet bills, farrier, floats, vaccinations and other needs as they arise.  Help support animal welfare in the Colorado Springs area by shopping at or donating your usable items to St. Paws Thrift Store, 3275 E. Platte, Colorado Springs, 719-597-3647.  Thank you St. Paws!

Horses added to "Other Horses" page
Please see the "Other Horses" page for horses added in February. Use the contact information on each listing to get details about each horse.

Here's Obi!
Oberon (aka Obi) is another horse from the 24-horse neglect case in Yoder. Obi is a 3YO gelding and looks nicely put together. He's a tall boy at almost 15H. He is thin under all that winter coat but he's friendly and wants to do the right thing - he just hasn't had any training yet.
Obi                                                                                              Obi with pal Zander behind

A BIG Thanks to Blue Rose Ranch!
Regarding the 24-horse neglect situation in Yoder:  Ruby Ranch is fortunate to have gained the collaboration of yet another rescue - Blue Rose Ranch Horse Rescue in Springfield, CO.  Triple Acres Horse Rescue (who already picked up five of these horses) is picking up two additional ones and transporting to Blue Rose Ranch.  That will make a total of 13 horses who found safety through four horse rescues including Dreamcatchers Equine Rescue and Ruby Ranch.

Frodo will be missed.
Frodo was Pam's special guy. He was euthanized following a severe colic episode. Ruby Ranch rescued Frodo and Ellie seven years ago (both 2 years old at the time) with their 6-month old son, Brody. Ellie was in foal and produced Solo later that year.  Thank you Pam for giving Frodo a wonderful home.  We know the special connection you had with him and know that he will be missed.
Frodo and Pam

May she rest in peace...
Miss Shadow was laid to rest on February 9. She could not overcome the neglect during her twilight years.  It's obvious from her big floaty trot and fancy canter that she was someone's princess at one time.  For the past 10 weeks, she was our princess.

Shadow's saddlebred face.           Flirting with Stoney.

Meet Zander
Zander is a yearling studcolt we brought to Ruby Ranch on January 31 after a stop at the vet's office.  He is one of a herd of 24 that we are helping the owners with to reduce to a more manageable herd.  Zander is the most at-risk with severely low weight and an infection in his mouth.  Thanks to the quick work of Dr. Brown at Colorado Equine Veterinary Services, Zander's infection should be under control within a few days. Dreamcatcher's Equine Rescue and Triple Acres Horse Rescue are helping Ruby Ranch by taking several of the 12 horses we initially need to find homes for.  

Lieutenant is back.
This beautiful 12 year old appendix paint was adopted almost three years ago by someone who decided to jump him. He now has injured suspensory ligaments on the hind legs. We have a ways to go to rehabilitate him and will do our best to get him in shape as a good trail mount. This unfortunate turn of events for Lieutenant will help RRHR define more specifically who we adopt to and under what conditions.
Lieutenant's page with additional pictures will be added soon.

ASPCA and Grant Money!
We are delighted to report that RRHR has been awarded a $4000 hay/feed support grant from the ASPCA. Their website at chronicles all of the good works they do to prevent cruelty to animals as well as to support those who have been abused and neglected.  We offer up a huge round of applause to the ASPCA for recognizing the good work done through Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue and for continuing to make a difference in the lives of animals!

Miss Fancy found a home!
Our resident mini, Fancy, found a wonderful new home with her human, Macy, and new horse companion, 7YO Strawberry. They all reside beneath Red Rocks in Morrison.

Sabre needs a home, too!
Another nice horse listed on the Other Horses page.

Babe needs a home... ADOPTED!
This girl is a nice registered QH.  Check her out on the Other Horses page.
Thank You! Dover Saddlery!
The new Dover Saddlery in Parker, CO, put up a giving tree at Christmas time and Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue scored!  We received donations of deworming paste (, horse treats (, break-away halters (, a mounting block and other items useful and handy for our horses and needed by the rescue.  Thank you to the shoppers who donated so generously and to Dover Saddlery for including Ruby Ranch! You can shop at Dover Saddlery at or go to their store at 11120 S. Twenty Mile Rd., Parker, CO (303-805-8881).  (Thank you Santa Rosie - anon-a-mouse!)

Full Moon Over Ruby Ranch

Coyotes were howling!

Happy New Year!!
"The New Year lies before you like a spotless tract of snow. Be careful how you tread on it for every mark will show..." This New Year saying is straight from the hearts of horses, addressing inhumane treatment including horse slaughter, the BLM round-ups of mustangs, and all those humans who neglect and abuse.  Be kind, be gentle and take care...

St. Paws Thrift Store - big celebration!
St. Paws Thrift Store will be donating $20,000 to over 30 rescues on Saturday, Dec. 31, at noon.  Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is included - a timely donation since Miss Shadow is scheduled for sinus surgery on Wed., Jan. 4. St. Paws is located at 3275 E. Platte (west of Academy), Colorado Springs.  Come join the celebration!

Lucky Bailey!
Yes, our little Bailey has been adopted.  Thank you Rodney and Tonya of Cripple Creek for giving him such a good home! 
Bailey the Appy

Sweet Story!
I (Pat Miller, Founding Director of RRHR) was stopped in the market today by Dixie Lee, a very kind and surprisingly young looking 80 year old woman who wanted to thank me for working with a horse rescue. She saw "Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue" printed on the back of my jacket. Dixie told me about her two elderly horses that are a part of her family and I mentioned Shadow who was at the vet's office once again for her sinus infection. Dixie picked up a box of rice that was in my basket, using it to write a check which she handed to me as an offering for the horses at the rescue. After three hours at the vet's office and another three running errands, I relaxed and smiled at my good fortune in meeting someone like Dixie Lee. 

More Horses Need Homes!
See the "Other Horses" page for December listings.  There are some nice horses free to good homes!

Shadow - Update
Shadow has been at Colorado Equine Veterinary Services for most of the week.  See the update on her page under Our Horses.  

Rico - Adopted Several Years Ago!
Rico was adopted by a family for their daughter, Marie, who has been the sole trainer and rider for this young horse. Marie and Rico won Grand Champion English Performance (Level II) and Grand Champion Western Horsemanship (Level II) at the 2011 Boulder County Fair. Marie was the fair queen as well. We can't be more pleased at her accomplishments with Rico and especially that he has such a fine home.  Congratulations Marie and Rico!

Patch - Another New Addition!
Patch has returned!  He was adopted several years ago to an excellent home.  Due to financial issues and the pending forced sale of his home, Patch is with us again.  Patch is in very good condition, must be about 12 years old, trained under saddle, stands for the farrier and is easy to get along with.  We will post more information after an assessment of his skills.

Patch - taken several years ago.

  She's Finally here! She looks more Saddlebred than Arabian - maybe she's a cross. She dove right into the mush like she hasn't eaten in a long time.  More pictures and updates coming soon!

RRHR is hoping to get this 18YO Arabian mare by the weekend.  She was advertised as a "free" horse, well-trained, and was actually under saddle and ridden by the owner. 


Two more horses needing help!
Blue (registered breeding stock mare) and Red (Missouri Fox-Trotter) need new homes due to financial difficulties.  See details on "Other Horses" page. 

Mare and foal need help!
Update:  Cheyenne can't eat because she needs a float!  She is being fed a mush several times a day and is becoming one happy girl looking forward to her next meal!
Cheyenne and her 4 month old foal, Treasure, were picked up by a friend of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue, Michelle.  We are accepting donations earmarked for these two - tax deduction forms are available.  We are also looking for that excellent home who would like to adopt them and bring Cheyenne back to health.  Cheyenne is a 21YO saddle trained 4H horse.  She is sweet and friendly.  Thank you, Michelle, for giving these two safe haven until they find a new home!

Two Horses on "Other Horses"
Ferango and Frosty need new homes.  Check out the Other Horses page!
Tuesie's New Home!

The welcome home sign.                                 Tuesie's new herd mates.

Tuesie making friends.                                      Chuck and Valerie showing their gratitude!

Girl Scout Brownies!
We had a fun morning earning your "try it" badge learning how to groom horses and what the grooming tools are used for, how to muck stalls, how to stay safe around horses, what safety equipment is necessary while riding, what the veterinarian does, and how to take care of horses.  Thanks for your help and thanks for your enthusiasm! p.s. - The horses love the bags of feed you brought!

Thank you
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue had wonderful volunteer support at the used tack sale.  We made $2226 plus another $1000 for the sale of the donated stock trailer.  Thank you to our volunteers and to Susie who coordinated everyone's efforts.  Thank you to the buyers, many of whom donated over and above the cost of the items they were purchasing.  Thank you to the donors for supplying us with their no longer needed tack and supplies.  We gladly accept your horse related items throughout the year! 

Benefit Used Tack Sale, Saturday, October 15!!!
9:00-3:00 at Falcon Feed located west of Big R off US Hwy 24. Lots of stuff including Western and English saddles and tack, riding boots, medicine boots, winter blankets, sheets and fly masks, supplements, leg wraps and protective boots, hay racks and lots more.  Also a 20 ft. stock trailer with hay rack on top - needs paint, some rust, good floor and tires, very serviceable.

Three New Additions!
RRHR has been working with Chris from Florissant who needed a new home for his horses, who have been well care for since he rescued them in 2003.  Chris was laid off and before his horses suffered he wanted to guarantee that they all were safe. They are Rosie, a 14YO QH mare, Dakota who is Rosie's 10 year old son (QH/paintX), and Baby who is very grown up at 9 years old and is an appaloosa gelding.  They are friendly and curious and all have been saddle-trained.  We will post pictures and more information as we do our assessments.

A huge THANK YOU to Marilyn Stoen for her generous donation to get Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue going with a universal microchip scanner and the microchips to provide the rescued horses with permanent identification.  Along with vet checks, up-to-date float, farrier, deworming and vaccinations, all of our adopted horses will now be microchipped! 

Up in Smoke!
That's the name of the emergency exercise conducted by the Colorado Springs Police Department's CART program (Community Animal Response Team) on Saturday, October 1.  Officer Lori Torrini (also an RRHR board member) heads up the CART program which is responsible for animal evacuation during an emergency.  Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue participated along with Dodger and Stoney and other "evacuated" volunteer horses.  Below is a picture of Stoney being vet-checked by Dr. Chuck Woodall of Aspen Ridge Equine Hospital and then scanned to detect a microchip. Other pictures include setting up portable corrals, intake of "evacuated" minis and microchipping an "unidentified" horse. Participants included Steve Norris of T-Cross Ranch, Norris-Penrose Events Center, Academy Riding Stables and the dedicated volunteers for the CART program. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the CSPD to assist should a real-time emergency occur.

Benefit Tack Sale Oct. 15!
RRHR is having a used tack sale to include English and Western saddles, pads, bridles, halters, lead ropes, hay feeders, winter and summer blankets and sheets, medicine boots, bell boots, protective boots and leg wraps, riding boots and apparel, and lots of miscellaneous barn and equine supplies. We also have a donated horse trailer to sell (details coming soon). This sale will occur from 9:00 to 3:00 on Oct. 15 (Saturday) at Falcon Feed, just west and slightly behind Big R off Hwy 24.  Please come join us and shop til you drop!
If you would like to make a tax deductible donation of usable equine tack and barn supplies please call us at 719-541-3642 or email at
Anonymous Donation!
Once again Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has received an anonymous donation through Network for Good Giving System via Capital One Rewards.  The donation was marked, "For the little Shay."  This sizable donation is so very welcome and appreciated.  Little Shay is thriving.  She continues to eat well, frolic with a buck or two, and enjoy the companionship of Grandpa Chief and now the new mini named Fancy.  Thank you to our anonymous donor for covering Shay's expenses.

And One More Addition
Fancy is a miniature mare, pinto, sweet as can be.  See her page under "Our Horses."
New Additions to RRHR
The new additions to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue are Geisha, Tuesie (aka Gracie), Shay, and Chief. Go to the "Our Horses" page to see their respective pages for pictures and more information.  Also coming September 23 is Fancy, a 20YO mini paint mare, a sweet and easy-to-care-for companion. She was adopted to a family several years ago and they are forced to downsize for financial reasons. 

CART Program Training
Officer Lori Torrini of the Colorado Springs Police Dept. (and one of RRHR's board members!) conducted an initial training session for the equine team of the Community Animal Response Team.  These volunteers will evacuate horses in a time of emergency, such as fire, flood, chemical spill, etc.  We had 11 enthusiastic volunteers at Ruby Ranch who participated in horse identification, halter and leading techniques, trailer loading, bandaging, microchip scanning and other equine topics to name a few of the activities.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this program, contact Lori at 719-444-7276. 
We delivered two horses to their new homes.  Congratulations to Lindy who adopted Joe and to Tanya who adopted Josie.  Joe and Josie are happily settling into their new digs and we are thankful to Lindy and Tanya for being such excellent horse people! 

Help for Weanlings and Yearlings
There are four paint weanlings and two blue roan yearlings that need help getting released from a slaughter-bound situation.  See more information on the Other Horses page. 

Thank You's!
A huge THANK YOU to Anna Blake (Anna Blake Training) for donating proceeds from her recent "Riding to Music" clinic to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.  And to Lori Torrini/Jim Barrentine (Deseos Arabians) for hosting the RRHR tack sale following the clinic.  AND to Lori Cavanaugh (photographer) for volunteering her time and photographic skills.  It was a great success! 

Update for Shay
Go to Shay's page for delightful new pictures of Shay regaining her health!
American Cream Draft
Gracie or Tuesie as she was named by her first owner is an American Cream Draft who was adopted from Ruby Ranch 3 years ago.  We recently reclaimed Tuesie due to low weight.  She was visited by Dr. Beyer of Colorado Equine Veterinary Services and given a "3-1/2" on the body condition scale, saying she needs to gain about 200 lbs. Pictures and more information are on her page under "Our Horses."
Update on Shay
Shay was visited by Dr. Beyer of Colorado Equine Veterinary Services.  He gave her a body condition score of "1", pushing to 1-1/2" as she is gaining a belly.  All looks good and sounds good for progression toward weight gain and a return to health in the next months.  She has sand in her gut that will be remedied with daily psyllium.  He aged her at 2-1/2 to 3 years old.
1st Annual Hogs for Horses Poker Run!
We thank Sharon Panning, RRHR volunteer, adopter and supporter, for organizing the 1st Annual Hogs for Horses Poker Run to benefit Ruby Ranch.  Sharon enlisted the help of Bob Miller who conducts the International Serenity Run, a yearly gathering of over 500 clean and sober motorcyclists to celebrate their sobriety.  We all enjoyed a mild summer day under the trees at Ruby Ranch and look forward to the 2nd Annual Hogs for Horses poker run.

New Addition to RRHR: Caution Graphic Pictures!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue picked up an emaciated 3 year old filly today, August 18.  We learned about her from Longhopes Donkey Shelter who picked up an equally emaciated burro from the same address yesterday.  We've named the filly Shay and she has her own page under "Our Horses."  If your sensibilities are tender, do not open the page.  Shay is a "1" on the Hennecke scale - the severest level of starvation.

We have a PayPal Account!
Folks have asked for a quick way to donate to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. RRHR has a paypal account.  Go to and use our email address,, to transfer your donation directly into the RRHR account.  Your donations help us to help the horses in need.  THANK YOU!

More Horses added to Other Horses Page
Bubba, Mr. P and Pony are looking for new homes.  Bubba is a trail trained big boy; Mr. P and Pony are minis, trained to pull a cart.

Geisha and Chief coming to RRHR
These two horses arrived at Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue on Aug. 17. Geisha is a 16YO registered 1/2 Arab and Chief is 20+ part draft, both trained under saddle. 

Eight Horses Needing Homes added to "Other Horses" Page
These eight remain from a larger group of 20 - mostly TB's - who still need a home.  They all have up-dated coggins, several older and trained under saddle but need tune-ups.  Check it out!
Rocky the Pony
Rocky was adopted to a new home in June.  We received these pictures as an update as to how he is doing.   Thank you Rich and Roxanne for giving Rocky such a good home!
RRHR Josie - 3rd time under saddle!
Josie has been in training with Lori Torrini at Deseos Arabians.  Here is a lovely video of her - first time trotting under saddle!  See more information about Josie on her page under "Our Horses."
Thank You Calhan Ranchhands 4-H!!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue was visited by the Calhan Ranchhands 4-H Club who did all of our mucking and groomed and loved on our horses.  These kids (and their parents) are hard-working and so appreciative of what RRHR does for the horses in need.  In feels good to be validated in the work we do.  Hugs and thank you's for giving us a break and giving our horses much needed attention.

Cassie and Riddler get some training!
Lori Torrini and Jim Barrentine of Deseos Arabians put on a workshop called "Starting the Untrained Horse" as a fund-raiser for Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.  Friends of RRHR, John and Sharon Aaland, paid for Cassie and Riddler (two of our rescued horses) to attend and they did a super job in handling them for both days.  We all learned through the excellent direction of Lori, and "guest" comments from Anna Blake of Anna Blake Training.
A huge THANK YOU is in order!

Finally, Buster is saved!
After years of complaints and calls to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office about the thin, lame, lonely horse on  Elbert Rd, Buster is safe in a new home.  We were all told that Buster was vet checked and that he was thin and lame because he was an older horse.  We all know that's a load of bunk - well-cared for senior horses are rarely skinny and lame. His savior, Val, has done an excellent job bringing him back to health. How she finally gained possession of him is a long story, but one with a happy ending. Buster is now the beautiful boy he deserves to be, out of pain, with good hoof care, lots of human love and eating well.  Thank you to all the people who stopped by and provided senior feed and hay for Buster all these years.  It's what kept him alive. We especially thank Val, and so does Buster!
Buster, several months later!

Animal Assistance Foundation
The Animal Assistance Foundation has approved a $4000 training grant to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.  We are immensely grateful to receive this funding.  It will serve our horses well to find the best homes in the future.
Thank you Animal Assistance Foundation (!

New Pics for Josie!
RRHR's registered QH, Josie, has some new pics posted on her page under "Our Horses."  She's a lovely, easy to get along with girl just waiting for her new home! 
Brody going in for training!
Brody is a big, good-looking, 6YO red roan pinto gelding, going in for additional training with Lori Torrini at Deseos Arabians.  He is green under saddle, but talented and smart.  His training is possible as the result of a training grant that Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received from the Animal Assistance Foundation of Colorado.  We sincerely thank the AAF for their foresight in helping rescued horses become more adoptable. See pictures and information about Brody on his page under "Our Horses."
Volunteers Welcome!
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue is re-opening for volunteers and those potential adopters wishing to come meet our horses.  Visits and volunteer hours are by appointment only. 

Sharing an urgent post!
20 horses that need homes ASAP, TB's, Appendix, and Appendix/paints located in Ft. Collins area. Owner says they will go to Centennial Auction if homes not found. Ages range from 2-16 and many untrained. Contact Bonnie Torrez (who is helping find homes) for pictures and more information at 303-941-5089 or 
Elbert County Fairgrounds Re-Opens!
June 1:  Elbert County rescinds the fairground closure to their horse community effective immediately. The closure was precautionary, to the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1), that was present in many horse communities in Colorado.  Elbert County Fairgrounds Manager, Carol Vonfeldt, spoke with the local veterinarian community who agreed the timing was appropriate for this area to resume horse activities, and stated the outbreak has significantly lessened. No reports of the virus were close to this community.
Donation Thank You!
A heartfelt THANK YOU to Marilyn Stoen for her generous contribution!  THANK YOU also to Jo-ann Romains for her volunteer work that resulted in a donation from DisneyWorld's Ears to You program, Lindy Wallace, Sandra Henderson and the Aalands for their consistency in contributions. Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue depends on the generosity of individuals and business affiliates who continue to support us. Again, THANK YOU!
RRHR on Lock-Down: (Update 5-27-2011)
The Colorado Department of Agriculture ( states that there have been no new cases of EHV-1.  Continued observance of bio-secure measures and simply staying put with your horses are the best steps to mitigating this disease.
RRHR is enforcing the bio-secure measures to ensure the health of our horses.  Until the highly contagious Equine Herpes Virus passes through the state we will not be accepting visits to the ranch from volunteers or potential adopters.  We expect this status to be in force until the first part of June.
We received the following information from Colorado Dept. of Agriculture:
As of 5/20/2011, 1pm:
  • 9 confirmed cases of horses with EHV-1.
  • Two horses, which tested positive for EHV-1, were euthanized after showing severe neurological signs associated with the disease. 
  • 22 suspect cases.  Suspect cases are those horses that are believed to have been exposed to EHV-1 but confirmatory tests are still pending.
  • 12 quarantine and hold orders have been issued in 8 counties (Bent, Boulder, Garfield, Gunnison, Larimer, Mesa, Morgan, & Weld).
Equine Herpesvirus Alert!
In an effort to stop the spread of this deadly virus, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue will be implementing bio-safety rules for visits to the ranch. In addition, any plans for horses coming to or leaving from the ranch may be suspended at this time. We strongly encourage all horse owners to comply with similar restrictions until this disease is under control.  Please read the information in the link from Colorado State University:  There is no vaccine or cure for equine herpesvirus.  The disease results in euthanizing the infected horse or long-term treatment of the neurological symptoms.
The Colorado Department of Agriculture has indicated that while EHV-1 is not transmissible to people, it is a very serious disease among equines, that can be spread by horse-to-horse contact, through the air, or contaminated clothing and equipment. Here is their list of common symptoms for Equine Herpesvirus.

    Decreased Coordination
    Nasal Discharge
    Urine Dribbling
    Loss of tail tone
    Hind limb weakness
    Loss of balance
Contact the Colorado State Veterinary Office for daily updates:
Updates Posted:
Updates for our new horses, Dolly, Shonie, Josie and Cassie are now on their pages.  Go to "Our Horses"
and click on a name.
Where's Macaroni Pony?
We adopted a mini gelding in 2007 to Cari Simmons, formerly of Falcon, Colorado.  During our post-adoption care procedure, we discovered that Cari and her family had moved.  We would like to update our records and of course adhere to our lifetime commitment to Macaroni Pony. If anyone has this information, please let us know (, 719-541-3642).  UPDATE: Cari and her family moved to the Santa Barbara area, specifically Lompoc, California, and have refused to tell us where Macaroni Pony is.  For some reason this family will not honor the adoption contract and provide additional information to us.  Below is Mac Pony's picture.  We will continue to search for him. 
Macaroni Pony
A very big "Thank You" to Dr. Sandi and Brian Grover for donating doses of Rabies, 3-way and West Nile vaccine to Ruby Ranch.  The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) also provided doses of vaccines through their Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign.  With the support of the Grover's and the AAEP, RRHR can redirect funds to other needs for our rescue horses. 
Baby Maquinna lost her battle on April 14.  We will continue to wage the war against animal abuse and neglect.  May she rest in peace.
Maquinna, March 25, 2011 to April 14, 2011
St. Paws Thrift Store
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue, Great Pyrenees Rescue, and A Safe Place for Pets were the three thankful recipients of generous donation checks awarded by St. Paws Thrift Store on April 8. St. Paws donates their proceeds to animal rescues.  Please visit them at 3275 E. Platte, Colorado Springs, to shop their gently used items or donate yours.  They are a Colorado non-profit, 501(c)(3), so items are tax deductible as a donation to a charitable organization.  Thank you St. Paws!
A friend of Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue met Animal Control and the brand inspector at Wolf Ridge Equine Rescue in Ordway on April 6 and picked up five horses. Three mares, including two thin pregnant mares, are in the care of another rescue.  The previous owner of an elderly mare reclaimed her now emaciated horse on Sunday.  See pictures and more information on our "Other Horses" page.  The five need homes immediately!
New Additions
See the New Additions page for three lovely mares.  Josie, Shonie and Cassie will be evaluated and assessed for their training level in the next several weeks.  More pictures coming soon!

Maquinna is Baby Girl's new name!
Portia's Baby Girl
At 5:15 in the morning (March 25) Portia's baby girl was born.  She is small and weak with fluid in her lungs.  Her survival is "wait and see." She gained strength throughout the day and stood and nursed on her own in the afternoon. Day 2 she is stronger yet but the lung issue remains. Portia is one of a large herd of Standardbred crosses who were thin and uncared for last fall. Last year on March 28, a pintabian named Juliet foaled Tallula, who was euthanized 14 days later.  Juliet was also from a large herd of neglected horses.  A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Unruh and Dr. Grover for their collaboration.  Ruby Ranch is fortunate to have these two excellent veterinarians looking out for our herd of rescued horses.  We are rooting for Baby Girl and will have a name for her by day's end. 
See updates on Stoney's and Brody's pages.  Thank you to Lori Torrini for the use of her facility at Deseos Arabians and for doing a riding assessment on each of these horses.  Despite the wind we all had fun! 

Facebook Anyone?
To all of you who log-on to Facebook, please go to Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue and "LIKE" us! 

During the cold month of January, Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue has adopted Wende, Illyria, Mina (formerly LadyBug) and Penelope!  Thank you to Katy and Derrick, Lori and Jim, Sharon and John, and Jennifer for providing excellent homes for these rescued horses!

Foster homes!
Do you have room for a horse?  Ruby Ranch is in need of foster homes.  Please help us assist the many horses in need to provide them with shelter and full tummies.  Let us know if you have the space and please pass this on!  Here's a picture of Ripley, the rare Curly registered mustang, 4YO gelding, nice ground manners.  He needs a foster home!  Update:  Adopted!

Bereavement Donation
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue thanks the family of the late Dr. Karen Lesley Edmonds for including RRHR in their bereavement notice for donations in lieu of flowers.  Dr. Edmonds graduated from CSU and practiced in Fountain, Colorado, until her move to California in 1986.  We offer our condolences to their untimely loss.

Reel Family Foundation
It is with excitement and gratitude that we accept the very generous donation of $7500 from the Reel Family Foundation, a fund established by Donna Davis who had a love for animals.  Simply said, this foundation appreciates the good work that we do.  Words are not enough to express the heart-felt "thank you" for validating our mission and supporting the beautiful horses who have found their way to Ruby Ranch.

Cadets show up again!!
Thank you once again to the Air Force Academy cadets representing Squadrons 14, 19 and 20.  You are hard-working, energetic and fun to be with!  Thanks for all the tasks accomplished along with our volunteers Irene Klarich, Sharon Panning and Debbie and Matt Girard.  We're glad you like us!  See more photos on the Volunteer Page.
Another Anonymous Donation...Others as well!
Thank you to our anonymous donor!  We have again received this anonymous donation through Network for Good ( 
We also acknowledge the generosity of Donna Ryan, Kathryn Caswell, Matt and Debbie Girard, Susie Witter and Sandra Henderson.  Your validation of our mission is applauded and much needed. THANK YOU ALL! 
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue received a $10,000 bereavement donation from Sharon Panning in memory of her mother, Maxine D. Panning.  Sharon adopted Mosa from RRHR and has been a volunteer.  This donation benefits all of the RRHR horses and provides for continued rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of horses that need a safe haven.  We are fortunate to have Sharon as a friend and supporter of our mission and thank her for honoring her mother in this manner.
US Air Force Academy Cadets
Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue welcomed 52 AFA cadets of Squadron 20 and their AOC, Major Neilson.  They call themselves the Tough Twenty Trolls.  These young men and women, organized by Cadet Ben Pelayo, volunteered their time to help RRHR winterize, including maintenance and repairs, for the comfort and safety of our horses.  We thank Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Target and Henry Shuler for the donations and discounts which provided lunch for our cadets and supplies to accomplish tasks such as fence mending, re-surfacing the stalls and pens, painting, creekbed cleanup and general barn organization.  Our task managers were volunteers Irene Klarich, Matt and Debbie Girard. We are fortunate to have such support!  THANK YOU!!  See all the pictures on our Volunteer Page.
 Thank You Panther Youth Community Service!
The students of Panther Youth Community Service, Woodland Park School District, selected Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue as a grant recipient as part of their community outreach program.  Michelle Klarich, a recent graduate and PYCS member, was instrumental in RRHR receiving approval in this grant process.  A huge THANK YOU for the $1000 donation to help us serve our community's horse population. 
USAFA Equestrian Club - YOU ROCK!
We were privileged to have 13 members of the Air Force Academy Equestrian Club help us with fencing repairs, weight-taping and deworming horses, fitting for winter blankets and various other tasks here at Ruby Ranch.  These young men and women are fun, energetic and committed.  We thank Dayna Grant for heading this up for the second time.  Pictures of this great day are on our "Volunteer" page. 
Another Neglect Case!
Ruby Ranch was contacted by the El Paso Sheriff's Office regarding 10 standardbred crosses.  There are seven mares in with three stallions.  They are all very thin, have not had vet or farrier work and have not had much handling.  Dreamcatcher's Equine Rescue will be taking the lead on this case and Ruby Ranch will assist with taking two of the mares here at this rescue as well as networking with other Colorado horse rescues to find rehabilitative homes for these horses.  We are assuming the mares are in foal.  The most urgent need is feed and hay for starving horses.  If you can help with these horses, contact Julie at  See the "Standardbred Neglect Case" on this website for more information.
DisneyWorld "Ears to You"
We again received a $1000 donation check from DisneyWorld's "Ears to You" program.  Thank you to Jo-Ann Romain and her family for submitting Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue to receive this very generous benefit!
Donation Check from ACTHA and Humane Society!!
We sincerely thank ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Assn.) for including Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue as the rescue to benefit from their recent collaboration with the Humane Society of the US.  Thank you to the many people who participated in this competitive trail horse ride.  It was great fun and we enjoyed judging the obstacles!
More Neglected Horses!
Ruby Ranch is negotiating the release of up to five neglected Arabians.  They have been in the custody of a woman who has been investigated twice for animal cruelty.  They are thin and in poor health, in need of hoof care, floats and rehabilitation.  They are a yearling (who looks like a weanling), a 7 year old broodmare, a 2 year old studcolt, a 2YO filly and a 13 year old stallion.  Obviously the stallion and studcolt, if released to RRHR, will be gelded.  More information and pictures on the Mulberry Rd. Arabians page.
UPDATE:  Little Illyria, the yearling, has been relinquished to Ruby Ranch and is now in our possession.  She will be rehabilitated at Deseos Arabians in Calhan.  See pictures and more information about her at
Raina's Review
Raina, one of the Fremont County Pintabians rescued in July 2009, is now in training at Deseos Arabians.  Go to to see her training schedule and pictures, click on Raina's Review.  Updates will also be posted on this website, Raina's page, under Our Horses.